All of our projects begin with a design consultation which enables us to get to know you and your vision for your dream space.

In this 2 hour working meeting, we will discuss how you want your space to function and most importantly how you want your home to feel.

We’ll refine the overall vision, establish your wish list and work through as many questions that you have. Whether the launch pad into our design services or as a stand alone session, you’ll walk away equipped with all of our ideas, advice and expertise


It’s here we translate the ideas into elements that make up your home. Favouring quality over quantity ensuring the home you move into will be enjoyed for many years to come.

We finalise floor plans and furniture layouts, we select all of the finishes, the fixtures and fittings and put them into schedules.

We present you with a roadmap which includes every decision that needs to be made throughout the construction process, ready to hand over to the builder ensuring a seamless transition between design and constructions.


Project Management

Our streamlined approach to design and construction and our approach to project management is what sets us apart.

As part of Dunne Constructions, we have the design and construction team under one roof and can manage everything from concept to completion with a single point of contact

You’ll be informed but not overwhelmed with meetings and micromanagement - we take care of that on your behalf. We ensure that your design is brought to built form on time and on budget.


Procurement is a service that we offer which takes you from visualising the concepts we’ve come up with to walking in the door to your completed furnished home.

In the background we take care of all the logistics involved in purchasing, tracking and receiving all of your items. We coordinate the installation and styling so that all you have to do is come home.

Our procurement service gives you access to our trade sources and pricing.