Renovation Checklist


Whilst the flood of DIY and home renovation shows to hit our networks has made renovating seem like the ultimate Sunday hobby, it makes for a fairly expensive ‘hobby’ especially when the timeline, the budget or the outcomes aren’t met. Our home renovation checklist ticks off the 4 things you should know before embarking on any renovation or interior design project, no matter how big or small.


Determining your why will set up your project for success by keeping you on track with the big picture at the end. Are you renovating to sell? Renovating to increase functional space? Renovating to create your forever dream home? These 3 different why’s will have very different renovation paths.

Renovating to sell should be driven by the cost-benefit relationship and ensuring you’re not over capitalising. Keep in mind this home isn’t going to be yours for long (hopefully!) so identify who the ideal buyer is going to be and keep them in mind with your selections.

Renovating your forever dream home comes with a longer view in the lens, this home is all about you and your family and what makes you unique. There’s also a longer time frame when looking at the cost vs. value ledger which can often make bigger investment pieces viable.

2. MAKE A WISHLIST (3 actually!)

Divide your wishlist into 3 categories. The non negotiables, high priorities and the if possibles.

Clearly defined boundaries around what needs be achieved and included and what constitutes as a luxury keeps you on track when it comes to the yellow brick road of choices you’ll be faced with. Instead of following the yellow brick road and being distracted by the hand made ceramic tiles from Morocco, which now come at the expense of not being able to afford the alfresco area.


This one generally makes people laugh, but I often find that people are more definitive about what they don’t want than what they do want. An understanding of what someone doesn’t want generally unfolds a better understanding of what someone does want.


Once you have a clear vision for your project (and now that you’ve completed steps 1 - 3 you should have!) finding your A team of trades should be about finding someone or a team that share the same vision as you. They have a deep understanding and appreciation for your ‘why’ your wish lists and by understanding what you don’t want they can deliver what you do want, on time and on budget.

If you want to streamline your next renovation, our home renovation checklist is designed to kick start your planning process leading to renovation success. Grab your copy below.

Sam Dunne