Determining the style of home you want to create is critical to the success of your interior design project. It’s what creates the sense of cohesion through a home, and stops it feeling bits and piecey or disjointed.

But determining your interior design style isn’t about seeing which box of a handful of predetermined stereotypes you fit in to. Ask me to determine the style of any home I’ve worked on, and it comes with a paragraph to explain it, not a concise definition such as ‘hamptons’ or ‘mid century’. Because the style of your home should be responsive to the architecture, the landscape it sits upon and the lifestyle of those who live within it. Which means it will be unique.

Don’t feel pressured to narrow down your design muse to a predefined tick the box. Instead let it evolve, let it be a mix and merge of all the things that make you uniquely you.

So how do you come to your style and avoid the mishmash effect?


Open up a pinterest board and call it ‘my style muse’, run down the rabbit hole of pinterest and pin an assortment of images that make you feel good.

Here’s the rules

  • Don’t go back and look at the board, just add to it as you come across images

  • Don’t judge the images you’re pinning, it doesn’t have to be the dream home that you want to create, it just has to be an image that makes you feel good. It might be a colour, it might be a piece of furniture that you love, it might be a coastal scene, it might be a woollen sweater - don’t judge the image


Once you’ve wasted enough time on the rabbit hole, open up the board. Look for:

  • Common threads : what occurs more than once across the board, is it a colour, is it a texture, is a type of furniture


How does the board feel? Write a list of adjectives that describe how the board makes you feel. It might take more than a few words, you might end up with a paragraph, or you might nail it in concise sentence.

And ta-da, you have your style!

It doesn’t have to fit in a box of predefined historical home styles, you can be a square peg in a round hole, your style should feel like home. It’s about the feeling that you want to create and the common elements that you keep coming back to - the common threads that tie a space together and make it feel cohesive and consistent, it’s about the elements that make a space feel uniquely you.

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Sam Dunne